The Sports Social Network


  • You can choose multiple sports and find other players, teams and tournaments near you playing that sport.
  • You can update your score and keep a record of the matches tournaments and trophies you won. -You can share all the match related scores, updates,pictures,videos with your friends on social media.


  • You can create a squad of your team playing at different position and manage the players in your team.
  • You can import players from another team if you are falling short of players for a match.
  • You can challenge nearby teams to play with you and find your ranking among the top teams in your locality.


  • You can view the scores of your students and monitor their progress. This will help you to scout more talented players in your school or club.
  • You can also connect and train players who need coaching near you.

Schools / Clubs

  • You can manage all the sports activities of your school or club in our platform and encourage your students to play more.
  • You can organize a match or a tournament in your ground and easily connect with players and teams near you to use your facility.